Ok, …


This is what this morning felt like. I am on top of my “tasks” BUT I need a bit of time, kinda morning. Time to wake up my mind.  Time to feel like today is a new day. Time to just find some joy in the great privilege to stay home. Time to accept being on call for their “I forgot my lunch days”, or “I’m not feeling so good days”, the “I just needed to hear your voice days”. The no activites planned,  pj wearing, coffee reheating and no visitor days.

If I can be honest, some days finding joy is too time consuming. It takes up energy that I know I’ll need to encounter THE actual day. Knowing that we WILL have tantrums or that at some point today I WILL be frustrated, is exhausting. That was this feeling.  I needed to capture my emotion of the day because it’s something that I war with. Wanting to shrug it off, raise the blinds, return text, have a plan! When it’s really a keep the blinds shut and just sit on the couch kinda day.  Where I am emotional and God only knows why, but I wanted to capture this picture to remind my self it’s all OK.

I love this shirt. The comma after OK means pause. It means that whatever I am about to encounter requires me to “wait”. To first take control over my emotions. To sit and embrace my exhaustion, to acknowledge it. To just breathe. It’s OK, to embrace the taxing emotions that come with being a mom and all the things that you have to conquer daily. It’s OK to want to hide from the world for a day to limit the meltdowns and tantrums. It’s OK to cancel plans, or not return a text so that you can just enjoy the quiet. So you can just not have another thing to do or another person to host. (Hosting as a mother is another blog)

I’m OK with sharing this photo because I am honest about my daily wars. My fight to remember it’s OK to take a “day off”. To enjoy the emotional days. To listen to your body and not fight against it. If I am feeling exhausted, to do myself a favor and just take a day.  It’s OK.

I challenge you to be OK with the passing emotions. To be OK with the exhaustion that life brings. Take it as a hint that your body and mind need a day off.  Grab a cup of coffee (or whatever you like to drink) and just “pause”. It’s OK.

Be Encouraged.




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