Married Life, Reflections

The routine of marriage

Today, as I got comfortable in my Monday routine it got me thinking about my husband. And, how thankful I am for him.
He handles the mornings. He takes over getting the kids ready for school. He packs their snacks. He makes their cereal. Mediates morning fights. He washes the dishes. If I wake up in time, he’ll even pour me a cup of coffee before heading out to drop the kids off to school. Anytime he can, he does the grocery shopping before work and he even takes Jax.
He helps me where he can. He fits a little of me in his schedule, the best he knows how…and in his intentional gestures, to me, it was just routine. But it isn’t. It shouldn’t be “just what happens on a Monday”. I shouldn’t get comfortable in my thinking that, that’s what he’s suppose to do. He does this as way to balance the load and to be present in our relationship.
We sit down on Mondays to restart the week, to plan, and to reevaluate, what went well or didn’t go so well last week. We should constantly be doing this in our marriage. Constantly checking our own progress as wives and husbands to see where we could step up, or what we did that is considered a “win” in our relationship. Marriage is just a term, what we should value is the building aspect of it. What keeps it healthy and growing? I am in no means perfect or have the right answers. We are 12 years in and I plan to see forever with him, even on the hard days. Since I am planning forever, I must begin with now. Reevaluate. Readjust. Change my thinking.
So where do you begin? Jot down things you appreciate about your spouse and you’ll begin to see a shift in your prospective too.
 Be encouraged.

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