Reflections, The Mommy Diaries

The present situation…

Today started out with breakfast on the patio, just the hubby and I. It was so nice to talk. To listen to the water fall just below us. He was reading, I was typing. It was so relaxing. I turned to him and said “So this is what it would be like to be on vacation without any kids”. Like clock work, I hear the patio door open. Kailah: Pick me up daddy, I want to see the water. Not even seconds later–Noah: Are we swimming today? Then, Lezaiah: Are you going to eat that sausage? The quiet has quickly turned into chatter, demands and the relaxing moment was quickly forgotten. Then there’s the crying. Kailah: Jax is awake. Then she takes a sip of Marquez’s iced coffee….Wow, that escalated fast.

In between the chaos, I began thinking about yesterday. We attended a Timeshare presentation, with ALL 4 kids. (another story) The rep asked us all types of questions about our dream vacation. “When are you planning to go” “Where is your dream location” My answer, “We plan to go in 100 years”. Joking…but not really. When you have kids, your “dream” anything can feel so far fetched. I almost felt that every question was like pouring salt on a wound. I wanted to shout “YEAH, right” and throw the papers to the ground. Dramatic, right?

However, I found myself so thankful  this morning, even hopeful. That 10 minutes of peace. Quiet. Relaxation with my husband, it all reminded me of His Grace.  It changed my attitude, my perspective on things and I had to recite “Count it all joy” to myself, because that “one day” without kids is soon approaching.

20150715_100226_HDR                       20150715_100853~2                          20150715_100316

My present situation is, Family. It’s being a mom to 4 kids. These memories that we are building will be the same ones a few years from now that my husband and I will be talking about on a patio (some where in Italy, hint hint) alone, without kids. It’s family vacations like these that will be the building foundations for our children. This is such a blessing. The chaos, the questions, the time together….It’s so worth it.

Now off to enjoy the laughter that’s happening inside……

Be encouraged.


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