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Where your treasures are…

“I couldn’t imagine life without my kids”. I heard someone say this and thought “Shoot, I imagine my life without my kids ALL the time.”

This is what I thought: Sure, I’d still be working at my old job.  Not working to pay for daycare for my 3 year old, but paying for vacations! Traveling the world–France, Greece, Italy, Vegas! Spring break with the girls! Dinner with friends on weeknights and weekends full of late nights and later morning!! I wouldn’t have to take time off to be at field trips with my son and rearrange my schedule to ensure that I was at every basketball game my oldest daughter had. I wouldn’t be that mom–  The one that bakes cupcakes for every class party, who stays up late (after MY homework) to prepare a homemade lunch because my kids have put in their “orders”.  Nor would I have to sit and be present in the conversation about the triangle of events that happened between all the mean girls in 4th grade and who Lezaiah’s BFF is that day.  I would be able to focus on my own style rather than have an ongoing battle of  red rain boots or sparkling church shoes and shorts daily with Kailah Grace.  Nope, no more sleepless nights or figuring out ways to get Jax to eat veggies or any food for that matter. Diapers? What are those?! Yes, my life, I imagine would be totally different. College would be done. I’d have my degree in something meaningful, right? I would have gotten through the day thinking about my own agenda versus anyone else. Yes, this life, the one I imagined without kids, would surely look like this.

But that’s not my life…I think about where I am. What I have. I have 4 children who actually bring me an everlasting joy, something priceless and unattainable through materialistic things. Things that will eventually end.  Through their stories and imaginations, I have traveled around the world and back (daily). I have been on journey’s to Jurassic Park and have been a contestant on Top Chef and (won)!. I’ve gotten an “Award” for being a mathematician and given the “World’s best friend” picture frame made with macaroni noodles. I’ve gotten kisses and hugs because I was missed (went down the street for coffee). I have someone who is ALWAYS thinking of me and is wanting me around. There are people who are forgiving and allow second chances! (and I get to live with them)  I’ve gone on on dates where I was told “I was cool and the funniest person they ever knew”. I have been told secrets and asked for hugs to make pain disappear. I’ve gone on the same walk everyday and each time we find something new, different and “gorgeous”.  I’ve been given a cool name and I’ve been called on when they are scared, happy, sad, confused and when they simply just want me near.

I have been given THIS life. When I compare the one I imagined to the one I actual live, it doesn’t come close! I will have some challenging days…but they WON’T outweigh the adventure filled ones!! I’m the lucky one. I get to have this…

Find joy in where ever God has placed you. Surely, you’ll find treasures (no matter how small).

Be encouraged!!

“For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.” matthew 6:21


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