My husband is going to India…

My husband is leaving to India in 4 days. Yup. India. I’ll be home with our four kids. Ages 9,6,3, and 4 months. This isn’t the first time my husband has traveled. But it’s the first time that I’ll be at home ALONE with what looks like a small league of somebody’s sport. I will be home with our children for one week. That’s one week of being a single parent: doing laundry, cooking, cleaning, preparing two elementary aged kids for school and bribing my preschooler that if she gets up and brushes her teeth, she’ll be able to wear her red rain boots even if it’s not raining and no matter what other colors she has own. I get to nurse my 4 month old while cooking dinner and helping my oldest with her absolutely ridiculous projects that her teacher gives her all while helping my kindergardener with his “simple sentences”, along with trying to convince the second smallest diva (Mariah Carey being the first) in the world that she doesn’t need to listen to “I’m so Fancy” that loud–all while my husband travels to India.

Before he leaves, I am thinking of all of this saying “Why didn’t I just say no when he asked me”. That’s right, my husband asked if he could travel to India for one week. I was the wife that said “Yes”. In the back of my mind I knew that I’d be home alone. I knew that I would be hit with the task that no single woman with 4 kids would EVER wish on her worst enemy. So why did I say “Yes?” Because when God calls, you answer. And when he speaks you respond.

I’m married to a Pastor. I am married to a minister. To a man of God who lives his life daily to be the head of our home. I am married to a man who loves me like my spiritual father loves me. I am the luckiest woman on earth to have a natural provider that wants to lead our family in the right direction. I am favored by God because I was chosen to be a mother. I was chosen to live out this life. I was called to support my husband so when he asked me, so humbly, if he could go to India on a missions trip..I responded the way God prepped me. “Yes”.

As I prepare for him to leave on this week journey, I prepare my home. I prepare my children. Ultimately I am preparing my prayer life and grounding myself in protecting my mind, heart and marriage. The devil comes with the same tactics, knowing this, I am preparing for a fight. Us Pastor wives, are always at a war. One with ourselves and one with the enemy. My husband will have something to do with a person proclaiming the name of Jesus and because of that I need to prepare for the enemy trying to come in to take the joy that comes with that. The bible tells us that he comes to steal, kill and destroy. These are his tactics. The same ones and I am prepared.

Many things have happened leading up to this departure and I know more will try to bombard me, I can openly and honestly say that I may not be 100% in succeeding in each one of them. But I do know that I am praying and worshipping MY God already because I WILL have the victory. See, Jesus is in my corner and when I feel like I can’t, I know He will. I know He will give me spiritual strength at the right time. When my house looks a mess, when my kids are running late, when my baby is crying and dinner still isn’t cooked, and when I want to breakdown…I know God can…I know he’ll get me through this week being a parent, doing what He has called me for.

All of this to say that if you believe than speak it out! I challenge you to believe that God can do it. I will conquer this week ahead! I believe things will work out fine! (Even If I don’t look it)

I challenge you to believe that God can do it. (whatever IT is, He can do it)

Be encouraged!

2 Corinthians 4:13-18


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