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Their dreams are an addition to my cross

After picking my oldest children up from Elementary, we headed to our new favorite cafe for lunch. As we ate and talked about their school day, my daughter told me that they were learning about Saints, and what it takes to be come a Saint. They must perform miracles, live holy and then a Pope will determine if there is enough evidence for them to be called “Saint”. My son, Noah says ” I will grow up to be a Saint”. “I will pray for people”. Lezaiah responds ” You can be a healer!”. This got me thinking, children are exposed to many things during school. This is where they get their ideas and even where they begin to think about careers. Since preschool, Lezaiah has wanted to be a teacher and Noah has always talked about sports, but his sensitivity to the spirit and power in prayer has always been evident.

I sat at the table listening to my oldest daughter and son go back and forth on their interest in ministry. We talked about teachers, missions trips, playing football, praying for team mates and then the topic of doing something for God came up. They both agreed that they want to do “something” for God. Once their food was gone, their attention went to playing tag. I was left alone at the table. I begin to think about the conversation and how many times I’ve taken for granted the innocence of conversations like these. How many times they’ve prayed about something and I’ve just said “Amen”.

At the table, I began to feel convicted. See, when I dream and desire reaching my goals in life, I pray over them. I ask others to pray with me and stand in agreement. I have people who will be praying over that situation, helping me stay accountable. It hit me that children don’t have that same circle. However, we as parents, grandparents, guardians, etc are charged with the duty to lead and direct them.  “Children are a heritage from the Lord;  offspring a reward from Him.” Psalm 127:3. It got me thinking that the four beautiful children I have, have been given to me for me to treat as treasure. For me to protect. Our prayers at night is just the beginning. I felt God speak directly to me and remind me that I should be praying for their dreams, visions and goals.  That it is added to my cross to stand with them in agreement and fight on their behalf. The enemy hears all and works daily to prevent children to be who they are called to be in the Kingdom.

Our protection as parents, grandparents, guardians, etc, isn’t limited to praying over them at night. It is extended into their dreams, visions, hopes, desires and more! Understanding this, gives me a whole new perspective of praying for and over my children. Here are some things I will be praying for:

1. Praying over their dreams: night terrors, visions in sleep, their goals and desires

2. Praying over their personality: asking God to protect who they are called to be, for him to use them to win souls for His glory and to appreciate how different each one of them are and that each gift/ talent they have can be used for the Kingdom

3. Praying over goals: school, personal and aspirations- it’s all important in becoming who God has designed them to be

My babies are my prized processions and because of that I will treat them like the treasures they are.

Be encouraged!


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