The Gray Clan

The Gray Clan

So after talking about starting a blog year after year, I’ve finally decided to do it. As a mother and wife, there are a lot of things I’ll venture out to do but never fully finish. The list began with baking and cake decorating which turned into jewelry and tutu’s then transferred over to an interest in healthier cooking and now I’m on a path to being a child birth coach. Many can look at this journey as confusing, in all honesty I still do! My normal questions are, “what the heck”? And “how does one even connect to the other”? However, when I look at it through a spiritual lens, I see how God uses each one of my interest to better myself as a mom, wife and woman.

I can proudly bake and decorate all three of my kids cakes without the fear they will taste horrible. I have the ability to make decent accessories without having to spend a ton at the store . The food I cook actually end up in my hubby and kids stomach and not in the garbage. I am equipped with a whole list of resources for natural birth techniques and since baby number 4 is on the way, that’s an added plus! In each endeavor, I have been challenged by the commitment it took to get through training and was motivated to not give up. (Only because I tell my children giving up isn’t a choice and so I have to be that role model…which makes me want to kick myself in the butt!) However, there are days like today when I look back and say what have I completed? What has actually stuck?

Whenever I start feeling like throwing myself a pity party, I look through our family photo’s. It’s something about looking through my photos that lifts me out of a terrible mood. Today I have found joy in this one, The Gray Clan, is what I like to call it. Although that actual day was a terror! (Any mom who has multiple kids understands the pain of getting at least ONE good family photo) Seeing this photo reminds me that I may not have completed any of my long list of interest beyond training but that daily I am completing a duty as a mother to my children and my responsibility as a wife. Knowing these things keeps me focused on the present and planning for my future when my children are older and my so called incomplete interest turn into the only things that keep me busy.

I look at their tiny faces and smile at the fact that each one of them needs me for who I am and not for what I have completed in my life. I can actually count it all joy that God has me on this road and be expectant that He will bring it full circle. So even if I can’t fully give myself to any one of these interest right now, I don’t have to give up on them either!

I can be encouraged knowing that I am whole because of what I have overcame as a mother, wife and women. I pick my head up in knowing that I can break those stereotypical comments made about women who marry and have children. In all that I have started, whether complete or incomplete, I am whole.

When this feeling of doubt and incompleteness comes knocking at the door, I encourage you to look at all the barriers you have overcame as a mother, wife, a woman and count it all joy that your resume is over qualified for any entry level position out there!

Be encouraged in the past and present, use those to plan for YOUR future!


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